First Hunt - Turkey Hunt

May 26, 2015
by Caleb Williams

first huntMy first time hunting was with CTO over Easter weekend in Charleston.

We went down on Friday night, set up our tent with cots (which was great since we're used to sleeping on the ground with Cub Scouts), saw two turkeys when we scouted out where we'd be hunting the next two days, ate dinner, and went to bed with the alarm set for 4AM. At least that's what we were told, but when the alarm went off if was actually 3AM & Bear said go back to sleep, but I was too excited.

Saturday morning was cold, but we loaded up, drove to our spot, then walked to our blind. We saw 39 deer that morning and walked the tree line. Then we went back to camp for lunch & a nap. We did target practice in the afternoon followed by dinner and a campfire with a discussion about the meaning of Easter.

We got up at 4AM Sunday, set up our blind in a different spot, dozed on and off in our chairs, walked the woods and saw two pheasants. We packed up our hunting gear and headed back for lunch. On our trip back to camp, we got Bear's truck stuck in the mud and had to wait for the property owner to come get us out with a bulldozer. We did more target practice before we packed up camp to head home.

We didn't get any turkeys that weekend, but I still had a great time! Some of my favorite things about the weekend were getting Bear's truck stuck to the axles, spending time with an old friend from preschool, and sitting around the campfire. I'm really looking forward to the next hunting trip.