A. Cross Trails Outfitters' primary programs include:
  • Summer camps
  • Hunting/fishing outings
  • First Hunts
  • Community Service Projects & Mission Trips
  • Regular gatherings
  • Youth leadership development through Trail of the Guide

Each of these programs consists of small group environments that allow for deeper discussions regarding Christ and discipling young men in their Christian walk. CTO Outfitters and trained Guides serve as teachers and mentors. Outdoor skills are important facets of these programs, and the Outfitters and Guides teach youth skills in gun safety, archery, marksmanship, fishing, field dressing, meat processing and more.

A: There are other Christian hunting and fishing programs, but what differentiates CTO is the long-term mentorship of youth offered from Outfitters and Guides. We often say "Don't leave it at the gate," a reminder for the boys to not leave God at the gate once they leave summer camps or return home after outings. In addition to primary programs, we disciple and mentor beyond the field through regular events: Family Days, Sportsmen's Events, Guy's Night Outs and bible studies. In order to promote a “servants” heart among youth, we partner with other ministries to do community service projects.

A. Start by contacting your local outfitter. If there's not a local outfitter, contact the state director. Those are the key point people that will get you specific information on getting involved. Also sign up the for a chapter or state's e-newsletter to receive updates about upcoming events and activities. Many of the chapters have FB pages, you can find links to those by going to the local chapter's page on this site.

A. Yes in some activities. Due to logistics and current staff, we feel that male Outfitters and Guides best disciple young men. We do offer young ladies hunting opportunities through father/daughter and First Hunts. If God leads some women to become female Outfitters, then we will gladly train and work with those women to start chapters that serve young ladies. Girls can also attend day events and participate in other activities as determined by the local outfitter in charge of the event.

A. Cross Trail Outfitters is an independent, inter-denominational ministry. Our ministry is based on our Statement of Beliefs, and we are not formally linked with any denomination other than the Biblical Church – that is, the Body of Christ. CTO seeks to teach, mentor and disciple young men through life circumstances while preserving our hunting and fishing heritage.

A. In regards to outings, regular gatherings and camps, CTO works to make hunting and fishing experiences affordable, and we offer scholarships for those who can't afford the fees. We only charge the hard cost for events (typically food and fuel).  Summer camps fees are determined by the camp budget and the number of participants. Chapter memberships vary, so contact your local outfitter or chapter director to find out those details.