Heather - TX

After the death of my husband in 2010, I was forced to acknowledge one of the most surreal and painful feelings I've ever had to face as a mother.  It was so overwhelming; at one point I remember literally dropping to my knees while I held my tearful son whose pain I couldn't fix and who's heart I couldn't heal and whose void I could never fill. I've never felt more helpless in all my life.

My children had grown up in the country. Their daddy was a firearms instructor (among many other things) so they all knew how to shoot plus liked (or loved!) to fish and to hunt.  It was a way of life that drastically changed and my son really missed so much of what he had done with his dad.

I was listening to KLOVE one day and heard them speak about CTO.  I immediately contacted Kevin (Potts) through the website.  He began developing a heart for Wyatt before he even met him.

CTO has been such a blessing to Wyatt and even to myself.  There are lots of things a mom can instill in her son yet there are things I have had to step back and just trust God to bring the right people into our lives at the right times.  I have said so many times, "I am just not that cool of a dad!" (and I am NOT!)

The impact on my son's life has been so special.  The all boy hunting/fishing trips have not only instilled in him the love of Christ and the power of the cross but have given him time to hang out with the men...something he just doesn't get with 2 sisters and mom at home!  He is so proud to tell people about CTO and how it is, "...a hunting and fishing ministry for boys."  Kevin is his buddy, in fact, it's a pretty regular thing that he asks to call him for no reason.  I appreciate him having a go-to that way.  

The excitement of the trips has been so much fun as well as his growth on them. Confident, God-lead men are actively building the next generation of confident, God-lead men.  

Weeks before his dad was killed they had gone out on an all-day hog hunt only to return empty-handed.  When he went out on his first CTO trip he was SO excited to come home with his first hog.  He was proud to fill up the freezer and so excited to share the details! We know this might not be important to a lot of people..but to him... it was AWESOME! Since then, he has brought home a few other things...and when he knew we had no more room (ha) he was happy to donate the meat to someone in need.  

I love watching him grow into a faithful young man with a servant's heart. I am SO thankful for God directing me to CTO, and I am prayerful it keeps growing!  Boys need to be nourished and mentored in a way true to God's calling for them!  We undoubtedly need more true, Godly men in our society. 

If you are considering CTO for your son, absolutely do it! ~ he can never have too many Godly men mentoring and guiding him in his walk. 

If you are a man who loves the Lord, who is equipped to help, pray on it and then ABSOLUTELY do it!  It's for the kingdom and those gifts of yours are meant to be shared.  You WILL make a difference... a real difference...in lives.  There are so many boys who are lacking solid men in their lives and you could be one who changed the course. Even just for one.