Melissa - TX

My youngest son, who is 13 years old, loves the outdoors, loves to hunt and loves to fish. Everyone that knows me knows that I’m very involved with my kids and try to over compensate for the missing father figure. I take the boys hunting, fishing, hiking, sporting events, etc. almost every weekend. I know they miss the male bonding relationship. One year ago, my son survived an accidental shooting in our home. It was the scariest time of our lives. My kids were incredible the way they handled the accident. I was even more impressed the way my son handled the surgery and recovery. His faith and mind was so strong. 

Six months after the accident, we sold my property/land of 17 years and moved to the Helotes area. I was looking for summer activities to keep the boys busy and I found a summer camp that CTO was offering. The camp was full when I first registered and was on a waiting list, but I kept praying that somehow one of the spots would open. It did!! I was so excited, because I knew that my son would have a chance to not only experience GOD, but most importantly be ministered by men that would give my son the courage to touch a gun again, re-learn gun safety and enjoy the outdoors that he’s so passionate about. CTO has touched our lives (like being touched by an angel). CTO has also given my son a place to learn about harvesting food for the family and the thrill of the hunt that all boys/men love. He’s been able to participate in a Quail Hunt and Hog Hunt. More importantly, this past summer camp, my so accepted GOD in his life and was baptized and shot his first ram. The camp experience was so moving for him. I tell everyone about CTO and how they have been a huge part of my family’s healing process. Thank you CTO.