Carol - TX

My grandson has been involved with the San Antonio chapter under the Lead Outfitter and State Director, Kevin Potts for the past year. My grandson is in a house with three females, myself and his two sisters. Following my divorce 4 years ago, he had minimal male influence in his life. My ex-husband had introduced him to guns and awakened the "hunter" in him, but never took him hunting. Several different guys we knew talked about it, but let him down most of the time. The one man who would've kept his promise suffered a terrible injury and was not able to hunt.

I called a local church, Community Bible Church here in San Antonio, and the pastor of the men's ministry gave me Kevin's phone number and told me of CTO. I called Kevin that day and spoke with him at length. my grandson went on his first hunt within two weeks, bagged two deer the following hunt, and has since bagged duck, one hog that they lost the trail of, and an aoudad. We ran out of the meat from the deer, just as we got the sausage from the aoudad. I have still to cook the duck, because my grandson wants it fixed the way one of the Outfitters fixed it on the hunt. As I am a single grandmother on limited income, the meat from these hunts has been a God send to our family.

But more important than that, my grandson has developed a tremendous relationship with the Lead Outfitters, the other boys involved with the San Antonio and Katy chapters, and most importantly a true meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. He is developing into a leader to younger boys in our neighborhood, teaching them how to mow yards, fix fences and play together. He shows the love of God to other boys in so many ways. He is learning to be a Man of God from wonderful and wise men of God that are the outfitters here in Texas. I am so thankful for this organization which has given him Godly men to follow and learn from, introduced him to Jesus through Biblical life lessons threaded through every hunt, and introduced him to a God Who is a Father to him when no one else is. At the summer camp this year, he was baptized and continues to grow each day into a mighty man of God.