Cross Trail Outfitters offers many great opportunities for volunteers to plug into.

  • Guides working directly with youth
  • Executive Council members
  • Prayer team
  • Fundraising team
  • Communications team 
  • Summer Camps
  • And a variety of other teams to use and hone your skills

All volunteers working directly with youth must undergo a background check and undergo some additional training. Those volunteers that feel led to mentor youth on outings should prayerfully consider becoming a Guide candidate and undergoing an evaluation and training process. Details on that are available from local Outfitter or State Director.

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Staff & Guide Safety Training

These are the minimum Safety Training/Certification for all Outfitters, Guides and volunteers working directly with youth on overnight outings.


  • Complete background check (This is required for all volunteers working with youth)
  • Complete Safe Camps certification
  • Complete Level I First Aid/CPR Certification
  • Complete Hunters Education certification
  • In order to lead your own outings, you must complete outing training (volunteer on several weekend outings, then complete one on your own under the supervision of a State Director)
  • State Directors may have specific certification requirements for their state

  • NRA Range Safety Officer certification or NRA Firearm Safety Certification. Any military firearms certification would be considered equivalent
  • IHEA Certification (Hunter Ed Instructor Certification)
  • BAI or BAIT (Basic Archery Instructor) certification— Any Level of USAA Archery certification would be considered equivalent
  • Boat-Ed or BOATER exam Certifications. Any valid Safety Certifications by United States Coast Guard Auxiliary or United States Power Squadron
  • U.S. Basic Trapper Education Course
In addition, volunteers are encouraged to focus on spiritual development by:

  • Seeking God’s guidance through regular prayer, studying God’s word, and spiritual disciplines through the use of individual and communal prayer, Scripture, worship, fasting, etc.
  • Seeking spiritual mentors.
  • Gathering for fellowship to build the CTO team.
  • Establishing church relationships through regular worship and positive ministry relationships with local congregations.
If you're interested in volunteering, contact your local Chapter Outfitter or State Director.